Our Vision

With all there is to see in the world, what causes a photographer to click the shutter at a particular moment and capture an image that resonates? Out of all the stories floating in the human imagination, what inspires a writer to tell one in particular?

PHOTO/STORY is a new online magazine that offers a window into that magical, mysterious process known as creativity. Each quarterly issue presents several images … paired with stories inspired by them. Along with enjoying visual and narrative art, visitors get a glimpse into the “sparks” that led to the creation of each work.

Enjoy the magazine. Share it. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And keep your eye tuned for those sparks of inspiration that are all around us.

IMG_0703PHOTO/STORY is published by Michael Gray Beckett. A longtime storyteller in various media, he is working on a book about being a mentor-father to teenager in South Africa. Learn more about the Long-Distance Dad project on Facebook.