Submit an Image

At PHOTO/STORY, images are the creative catalyst for writers. To submit an image in consideration for a future issue, please note the following guidelines.

  • Images should have an element of intrigue — a sense of “Hmm, what happened here? What’s going on? What is this about?” Or they can evoke a feeling, or a sense of place, of time.
  • Images should not “force” a story. Photographers capture visual moments in a frame. Submit a moment.
  • No digital manipulation, filters, colorization. Show us what you saw through the viewfinder, what any person would see with their eyes — but would likely miss.
  • No studio photography. Share the world around us!

Submit photos by email to photostorymag @ gmail dot com, with the word “photo” in the subject line. Also include a brief description of what drew you to take the shot.