Submit a Story

Each image shown below is a story prompt. Choose only one image. Your story must incorporate the image in some way, so the reader can identify it.

For example, if an image shows a man standing along a dirt road with a broken-down bike, a story could say…

“Enjoying the climate-controlled atmosphere of my new European sedan, I passed an older gentleman standing in the hot sun. Why I stopped for him, and what happened that day, will always eat at my conscience.”

~~ Or maybe ~~

“I told my father not to take that rickety old bike. Not to leave the house. Not to head out in the searing August sun. Now here he stood on the side of the road, somehow still managing to look superior despite his predicament. Typical.”

Beyond that, anything goes. The image reference can appear at any point in the story. Please keep your work between 1,500 and 4,500 words.

Submit stories by email to photostorymag @ gmail dot com. Put the word “story” and a one-word descriptor of the image you chose in the subject line. Also include a brief description of how the image sparked you to write the story.

Submission deadline for this issue is January 31, 2018.

Here are the images for our first issue. Start writing!


old couple

Copyright Vincent Cianni


swingset eml-l

Copyright Ty Hardaway


fishing man 10x6 pg

Copyright Akbar Kalantari